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The first Grand Prix

in 1906, the first race that bore the name Grand Prix was organized by the Automobile Club of France (CAF) and ran for two days in the month of June. The circuit, located in Le Mans, had a total length of around 105 kilometers (65 miles) with 32 participants, representing 12 different automakers. Hungarian Ferenc Szisz (1873-1944) at the wheel of a Renault won the race after 1,260 km.

Bentley at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

"Made with precision and the finest material," the luxurious Bentley cars attracted attention at 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world's oldest sports car endurance race. After two years without success, Bentley convened a group of wealthy British men, "united by their love of insouciance, elegant tailoring, and a need for speed," to renew Bentley's success. Both drivers and mechanics, these men nicknamed, the "Bentley Boys", drove Bentley automobiles to victory. 

Bentley's 1St in 24 hour Le Mans:

       1924 - 3 ltr

       1927 - 3 ltr 

       1928 - 4,5 ltr 

       1929 - 6,5 ltr Speed Six 

       1930 - 6,5 ltr Speed Six

NEW LIFE - for a vintage Bentley

There is something hugely imposing about a vintage Bentley automobile aside from its massive scale; perhaps it's a combination of the famous ghosts each car carries, the spirits of wealthy playboy racers, forward-thinking engineers and the man who was determined to build England's finest sporting cars. Despite the legends that surround the original Bentley cars--those sometimes called "W.O.s" after the company founder--a great portion of those near 90-year-old cars are in fine running order today. Enthusiast motoring is these cars' raison d'être, and the faithful who maintain them take pride in upholding the founder's ideal.

If you've ever harbored dreams of thundering down the "Mulsanne Straight" at Le Mans with your hands behind the steering wheel of a the winged "B," you may be the right sort for vintage Bentley ownership.

Paintings Gallery - Vintage ART

Price and size options;

Pricing varies between; from € 2400 to € 4500 excl vat - depending on size and painting.

Below is a selection of our Vintage ART Paintings;  All selected with the atmost care, these unique painting styl on old metal sheets, sometimes weathered, sometimes rusted but revamped and attached to a solid wood frame, all have been preserved to retain all the traces of work carried out on them such as welding, embossing, shearing and we even retain the bolts and rivets.

"Custom Vintage" paintings of your own car or to your own specifications:call or Email us,...