What makes VCCC - Willem G Wouterse different...

Unlike many of his competitors, Willem’s career background has been outside the vintage and historic car auction scene and indeed, the associated historic car dealer circuit. Instead, Willem founded the business purely on the premise that he felt he could offer something new to this busy market place, centered traditionally in the Middle of the Netherlands. Willem's Vintage Classic Car Collection whole reason for being is to deliver a solid, consistent and above all, professional service; one that delivers to its clients time and time again. A way of life as well as a business, Willem's Vintage Classic Car Collection has been formed with real passion for both the vintage motoring scene and the cars and people within it.


Driving a PREWAR CAR is like living in an Old English or French castle, it brings you back in time, makes you feel special. This is something nobody should be deprive of, so don't wait too long and take this moment..., to make it yours. Life is too short not to enjoy it...

With a glass of Wine

If you are in a different timezone or  only available later in the evenings, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to arrange an appointment time outside of our usual opening times. We will always try to help you out as best as we can.

Our team

Is an established team from a firm backgrond of marketeers, started as a small business way back in 1979. The business sence then has grown significantly. Over the years Willem's interest grew to do more fun things in live..., but he did not want to mis out on the desire to offer a wide range of service and trust, and maintaining the very personal touch that the company was originally founded on.... Willem's motto;   "Start your day with a with a SMILE and a good cup of expresso... and end your day with a SMILE"


Email us at VCCC; info@VintageClassicCarCollection.com

0031 6 53 694 863

MELISSA JIN                                   NAVIGATOR  &  CO-DRIVER